Rightline Gear

February 9, 2018

Located in Asheville, NC, Rightline Gear is committed to enabling outdoor experiences our customers will remember for a lifetime. Whether it is camping, a cross country road trip or an off-road adventure, we understand that there is nothing better than time spent with family and friends. Our focus is to make these experiences seamless, by creating innovative products that maximize space and comfort in your vehicle while keeping your gear 100% protected.Our soft-sided car top carriers come in varying sizes and styles to fit any vehicle with or without luggage racks, and all models fold for easy storage. We have a carrier to fit your vehicle, budget, and needs. Our truck bed tent and air mattress provide you with a dry and comfortable camping experience anywhere your truck will take you. Our SUV Tent fits most any vehicle with a rear hatch including trucks with caps, allowing you to sleep in your vehicle or in the spacious tent. As Jeep lovers, we help solve a storage problem there too! Our weatherproof Jeep storage bags are tough enough to handle the elements while giving you room for all of your gear. Our products can keep your gear dry, utilize unused space in your Wrangler, and even product your soft top windows from getting scratched. Where there is a vehicle storage problem, we strive to find a solution. When it comes to innovative, space saving, durable yet budget friendly products, look no further than Rightline Gear!

For further information about Rightline Gear products, please contact them at (888) 685-GEAR (1007) or at customerservice@rightlinegear.com

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