Solutions for Every Type of Reseller

Sell More Stuff with DCi

DCi has several ways to increase your sales of auto performance parts and accessories online.


A free industry service! CatalogRack is the modern replacement for the countertop catalog racks, and lets you quickly find parts by year-make-model, category, keyword, or description. Use it at your sales counter and close more sales. You can also source inventory from over 300 warehouse and manufacturer locations. Sign up for free today!

Website Solutions

Shoppers are turning to the Internet to research and purchase the products they want, and the businesses they want buy from. This means you have to have a strong online presence, and a comprehensive website.

DCi’s website solutions are specially designed for performance parts and accessories resellers like you. There are four turnkey solutions catering to how you want to sell. Find out which one suits your business best.

Product Data

With eDataFlow we can deliver custom data feeds to your website, including enhanced product content in almost every format, from Industry standard ACES and PIES to a customized format for you. With over 1.5 million part numbers for over 165 million vehicle applications from hundreds of today’s leading brands, you see why some of the largest resellers in the Aftermarket rely on our product data to drive their businesses.


Selling on Internet marketplaces like eBay and Amazon is an entirely different process than your website or brick-n-mortar store. With strict pricing and delivery terms on which you are rated, you have to rely upon up-to-date product information to keep you in the game much less get ahead.

DCi has the business relationships with these marketplaces that no one in the industry has, and we have the product data to help you stay ahead of the competition. Find out how we can help you get ahead.