July 24, 2019

Manage Your Business, Not A Catalog

If you have a website already, call DCi for the industry’s most complete product data and enhanced product content, designed to drive eCommerce websites. We have hundreds of the aftermarket industry’s leading brands, and more than 1.5 million part numbers linked to over 165 million vehicle combinations. All with pricing, descriptions, features points, images, weights and dimensions, and more. Your work is already done for you — and all maintained and updated 24/7!

Why Outsource Your Product Data?

The average online store sells approximately 5,000 part numbers. Retailers making a living selling on eBay usually have 2,000 to 4,000 auctions at one time. Doing data yourself means individually keying in thousands of part numbers, writing thousands of descriptions, and researching thousands of dimensions and weights — and we haven’t even gotten to getting the right vehicle fitment data! If you could create one complete listing every 20 minutes, it would take you 41 weeks, at 40 hours per week, to catalog 5,000 part numbers! And industry-wide, thousands of part numbers are being updated or deleted on a weekly basis; which means you’d be managing your catalog more than managing your store.

With eDataFlow we will design a custom data feed and schedule to meet your website’s unique needs, and you can concentrate on running and growing your business, not creating product content.