February 9, 2018

Telemedia & DealerQuik

DCi Can Connect to Your Consumers on the Phone

DCi helps close the sales loop with consumers calling your 800 numbers in television ads.

When interactive voice response telephony technologies were first introduced, DCi developed telemedia services. DCi helps manufacturers link consumers to local retail outlets through its DealerQuik℠ service. Specialty automotive manufacturers like Bushwacker, Holley, Superchips & Leer are just a few of the aftermarket brands using DealerQuik. This service also helps manufacturers measure media effectiveness, with various reports tracking each call.

i-DealerQuik, a companion service, integrates a look-up process with the manufacturer’s website. In addition, it turns the process into a 1-on-1 marketing tool by including an opt-in mail and e-mail consumer database. Recognizing that manufacturers in other industries could use these solutions, a special sales group now provides telephony solutions for non-automotive manufacturers, TV show producers and magazine publishers.

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