February 9, 2018

iWebCat & i-DealerQuik

DCi Connects Manufacturers with Consumers

DCi has ways to market your products directly to consumers who can then buy your products through any channel of distribution.

Reach Today’s Automotive Shopper on Your Website

Most automotive enthusiasts use the Internet to aid their research process, regardless of where a product will be purchased. As many as six out of ten shoppers visit a manufacturer’s website before they’ve made a decision on which part or brand to buy. Reach these shoppers early in their decision-making process, on your website, and capture sales instead of losing sales to competing brands. Once consumers decide to buy your product you can help them do that, too. With DCi’s iWebCat service you can embed your complete product catalog in your current website without programming or hiring a team of IT experts.

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Send Web Traffic to the Nearest Retail Outlet

DCi’s i-DealerQuik easily turns consumer web visits into brick-and-mortar sales by providing Internet access to the retail outlets carrying your products. From within your website your dealer listings are displayed along with local street addresses and phone numbers. DCi’s i-DealerQuik generates listings based upon the nearest geographic location and rotates dealer listings in order to provide equal exposure to all your dealers. It also provides e-mail links and web URL links to those dealers with an Internet presence.