February 9, 2018

Factory StockChek

A Free Service For Manufacturers.

Capture Lost Sales and Increase Out of Stock Orders up to 300%

This free service gives you incremental sales, reduces your costs and gives you a competitive advantage.

Factory StockChek is a no-charge upgrade for manufacturers that lets resellers see your inventory availability or plan-to-build dates. In its simplest terms we give your IT department all the documentation to start automated feeds to DCi. We then integrate it into our CatalogRack Sales Network including CatalogRack.com.

Factory StockChek helps your business in several ways. First, you capture lost sales that otherwise would go to competing brands. In fact we’ve seen these out of stock orders go up 300% just by showing availability of inventory. Second, unproductive incoming phone calls are greatly reduced so your costs go down. Third, you’ll see sales of your “C” and “D” movers, not normally stocked in your distribution chain, go up.

Your data is secure. All proprietary data including inventory levels goes only to those you authorize. All data is sent to a secure FTP site and all of your information is protected using multiple levels of security.

For more information on Factory StockChek give your DCi customer service representative a call today at 515-276-0442