February 9, 2018


Distributors: Sell More By Helping Your Jobbers Close the Sale.

You may already know CatalogRack.com is used by over 7,500 resellers, reaching 6 million shoppers a month on the $1 billion CatalogRack Sales Network. Now you can help retail outlets do a better job closing the sale with our FREE StockChek feature.

On CatalogRack, in-stock inventory at hundreds of distributor locations, as well as your brands’ factories, is available using StockChek. Your resellers can close a sale with confidence knowing they’ll have a satisfied customer. Adding your warehouse as a product source can be done at any time at no extra cost.

Resellers can easily locate inventory at their first, second, or third call WDs, meaning more sales opportunities for you, and warehouse locations with inventory are displayed with your sales department’s phone number.

To activate StockChek for your warehouse locations, contact your customer service representative at DCi today at 515-276-0442.