February 9, 2018

CatalogRack WD B2B

Distributors: Increase Sales, Cut Costs.

Our CatalogRack Custom WD service easily adds custom parts lookup to your business-to-business website and lets you feed jobber orders into your order system.

Powered by CatalogRack, it helps eliminate order entry errors, reduces cost by eliminating labor, and increases sales by effectively showing all available part numbers. You can even limit your jobbers to only the part numbers and brands you carry.

Your jobbers will appreciate being able to use a system based on CatalogRack, an easy-to-use platform already familiar to thousands of resellers. Adding the additional custom integration into your system is a seamless process that we manage for you.

To get a quote for your own CatalogRack Custom WD service, contact Chris Fellows today at 515-276-0442 Ext 655.